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SCBA League Matches Suspended

As I'm sure you're all aware(!), there has finally been quite a significant shift in the Government's position concerning the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With the latest advice from the Prime Minister, I have already begun receiving phone-calls and emails re: how best to proceed, with some clubs electing to cancel the remainder of matches for this season, with immediate effect. In some cases, the playing venues themselves are closing as a precautionary measure, which is a larger issue for Clubs as a whole.

In these *extraordinary circumstances*, SCBA cannot, in all good conscience, advise people to go out and play the matches, and go against the national advice issued in the best interest of the country's population.

Therefore, unless the position of national safety changes dramatically, SCBA feels that it is in the interest of safety, for both individuals and Clubs, that the remaining matches for this season are suspended — with the likelihood that the playing season may unfortunately be brought to an abrupt end. Clubs will obviously not have any penalties applied for unplayed matches and the SCBA Council will consider the impact on League results in due course; as stated earlier, these are exceptional and extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in, with the situation constantly evolving.

As-and-when new developments occur, we will naturally keep you posted -- but for the immediate present, this is the stance of SCBA with regard to competitive league matches.

Useful Links:

*) NHS ::

*) UK Government ::

Kind regards,


Richard Sproston

SCBA League Secretary

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