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Club Directory


Secretary: Phil Howson
Tel:  01746 764858

Email: info@bnbc.co.uk

Match Secretary: Jane Millett
Tel:  01746 762161

Mob: 07816 815588

Email: jane.millett11@outlook.com

Venue: Bridgnorth Leisure Centre WV16 4ER
Club Night: Monday 7.30pm to 10.00pm
Match Night: Monday 7.30pm prompt
Food: No
Shuttles: Feather

Web Site http://www.bnbc.org.uk

Club Email: info@bnbc.co.uk


Secretary: Sue Rutter
Tel: 01952 825253
Email: sue_rutter@btinternet.com

Match Secretary: Andy Micklewright
Tel: 01952 812152
Mob: 07941 224232

Email: ajmwright@outlook.com
Venue: Burton Borough School Newport TF10 7DS
Club Night: Wednesday 7.30 - 9.30pm; Thursday 7pm-10pm
Match Night: Wednesday 7.30pm; Thursday 7.15pm-10pm.
Food: No
Shuttles: Plastic

Secretary: John Canney
Address: Concord College, Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury SY5 7PF
Tel: 01694 731856
Email: john.canney@concordcollege.org.uk
Teacher in charge: Victoria Ramsey
Email: victoria.ramsey@concordcollege.org.uk
Venue: Concord College Sports Hall SY5 7PF
Match night: Mens Tuesday; Ladies Thursday, both 7.30pm
Food: Yes

Shuttles: plastic

Secretary: Michelle Leonard
Email: info@dawleybadmintonclub.co.uk

Match Secretary: Mike Watts
Tel: 01952 250854
Mob: 07853 297619

Email: watts108@btinternet.com
Venue: Holy Trinity Academy, Teece Drive, Priorslee, Telford, TF2 9SF
Club Night: Tuesday 7.30pm –  9.30pm
Match Night: Tuesday 7.30pm prompt
Food: No
Shuttles: Feather

Secretary: Tony Edwards
Tel: 01743 233665

Mob: 07774 149234

Email: edwards-anthony1@sky.com

Match Secretary: Celia Rawlings
Tel: 01952 254693
Mob: 07875 081780
Email: celia@cosfordcaravans.co.uk


Venue: London Road Sports Centre, SCAT College
Club Night: Friday 8pm to 10 pm
Match Night: Friday 8pm prompt
Food: Yes - ladies only
Shuttles: Plastic

Secretary: David Rowse
Mob: 07803 887740
Email: drowse8@gmail.com
Match Secretary: Danny Roberts
Tel: 0121 7049772
Mob: 07736 912307
Email: mrdannyroberts@btinternet.com


Venue: South Shropshire Leisure Centre SY8 1DR
Club Night: Thursday 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Match Night: Thursday 7.30 pm
Food: No
Shuttles: Plastic


Secretary Diane Goodwin

Tel No: 01952 462994 

Email: dileavey@hotmail.com

Match Secretary: Lewis Everiss

Mob: 07377 939504

Email: lewiskarleveriss@hotmail.co.uk

Venue: Abraham Darby Sports Centre TF7 5HX
Club Night: Wednesday 8.15pm to 10.15pm

Match Night: Wednesday 8.15pm to 10.15pm

Food: No

Shuttles: Feathers

Secretary: Matthew Erwin
Mob: 07724 934122
Email: matterwin1969@yahoo.co.uk
Match Secretary: Adrian Horton
Tel: 01630 673371; 01782 836899 (w)
Mob: 07889 142421
Email: info@madhousemusic.co.uk
Venue: Parish Rooms, Market Drayton TF9 1AF
Club Night: Wednesday 8.00pm to 10.30pm
Match Night: Monday & Friday 7.30 pm
Food: Yes
Shuttles: Plastic


Secretary: Fiona Johnson and Keith Parsons
Tel Fiona: 07967234978

Tel Keith: 07585110057

Email: fiona.johnson@hotmail.co.uk

Email: keithparsons54@btinternet.com


Venue: Grove School, Newcastle Rd, Market Drayton TF9 1HF
Club Night: Tuesday 8pm until 10pm
Junior Club: 7pm to 8pm on Tuesdays (term time)
Match Night: Tuesday 8pm for 8.15pm
Food: Yes (food only)
Shuttles: Plastic

Secretary: Tony Hall
Tel: 01952 810273
Email: tonyshall40@gmail.com
Venue: Parish Rooms, Market Drayton TF9 1AF
Club Night: Thursday 8.00pm


Secretary: Tony Hall
Tel: 01952 810273
Email: tonyhall40@gmail.com
Match Secretary: Simon Baseley
Mob (p): 07718 394675

Mob (w): 07733 300320 
Email: sdbaseley@outlook.com
Venue: Wenlock Hall, Lilleshall N.S.C. TF10 9AT (take care if using sat nav)
Club Night: Monday 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Junior club : 10am to 12 Saturday at Burton Borough
Match Night: Monday 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Food: No
Shuttles: Feathers


Secretary: Linda Offord
Tel: 01691 718740
Mob: 07749 393290
Email: linda.offord@live.co.uk
Fixtures Secretary: Paul Gwilt
Mob: 07903 999169
Email: rgwlt@btinternet.com

Venue: Oswestry Leisure Centre, SY11 4QB
Club Night: Monday 8-10pm
Match Night: Wednesday 8-10pm Oswestry Leisure Centre (start 8pm prompt),
Food: No
Shuttles: Plastic

Secretary: Carla Finlay
Email: carla_pinhigh@hotmail.co.uk
Match Secretary: Olwen Lethbridge
Tel: 01743 790036
Mob: 07812 030429

Email: lethbridge875@btinternet.com
Venue: Mary Webb School, Pontesbury SY5 0TG
Club Night: Wednesday 8pm to 10pm
Match Night: Friday 7.30pm to 9.30pm (to 10pm when 2 matches)
Food: Yes
Shuttles: Plastic

PREMIER Lilleshall
Secretary: Rob Wilson
Tel: 01952 840453
Email: rob@grob1.force9.co.uk
Venue: Wenlock Hall Lilleshall Sports Centre TF10 9AT
Club Night: Tuesday 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Secretary: Liz Lines
Mob: 07545 493439
Email: blackotter14@gmail.com


Match Secretary: Chris Millett

Mob: 07813 959239

Email: chrismillett712@icloud.com
Venue: Holy Trinity Academy, Teece Drive, Priorslee, Telford TF2 9SQ
Club Night: Thursday 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Match Night: Thursday 7.30pm to 9.30pm prompt
Food: TBC
Shuttles: Feathers

Secretary: Richard Sproston
Tel: 01952 289535
Mob: 07905 519946
Email: richard.sproston@gmail.com
Match Secretary: Sue Warnock
Tel: 01952 581768

Mob: 07584 568962
Email: sue.warnock1@btinternet.com
Venue: Charlton School, Apply Avenue, Wellington, TF1 3FA
Club Night: Friday 7.30pm
Match Night: Friday 7.30pm
Food: Yes
Shuttles: Plastic


Contact: Neil Hansell

Email: wellingtonbclub@gmail.com

Contact: Jerry Seymour

Tel: 01952 261008

Mob: 07401 365877
Email: jeremy.seymour9@gmail.com
Venue: Ercall Wood Technology College, Golf Links Lane, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2DT
Club Night: Tuesday 8pm - 10pm

Website: https://wellingtonbadmintonuk.wordpress.com/

Club Email: wellingtonbclub@gmail.com

Secretary: Ian Mercer
Tel: 01939 235893
Email: fliss.mercer@btinternet.com
Match Secretary: Neil Humphries
Tel: 01630 655246
Mob: 07985 711240
Email: neilannefaye@gmail.com/nhumphries@magna.co.uk
Venue: Whitchurch Leisure Centre, Sir John Talbot’s Technical College, Whitchurch SY13 2BY
Club Night: Tuesday 8.00-10.00 pm
Match Night: Tuesday 8.00-10.00pm
Food: Go to pub - food can't be guaranteed
Shuttles: Feathers