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About the Masters

Shropshire are actively involved in the Inter County Masters Leagues. Matches are played on Sundays and our home venue is at Charlton School, Wellington, TF1 3DY and start at 12 Noon. Feathers are used by all counties.

The Masters are arranged in age blocks of five years. Over 40s, Over 45s, Over 50s, Over 55s, Over 60s, Over 65s and Over 70s. 

Teams up to and including Over 60s are made up of 8 players. 4 x Men and 4 x Women. The match is made up of reversed level doubles plus four mixed games making a total of 12 games per match. Each person therefore plays two doubles and one mixed game. For over 65s and  70s, six players are required with partnerships changing so there are three ladies three mans and three mixed. So each player still gets two levels but not with the same partner and then one mixed. 


Each year there is also an inter-county Challenge event, usually held on the first full weekend in January. This tournament is played over a Saturday and Sunday. Each team is made up of 8 players, but the format differs. There is only one mens, one ladies and two mixed - with each player playing in only one discipline in each event. Its usually a good weekend and there is an evening dinner arranged on the Saturday (optional) at extra cost.

Growing Masters participation


Just like most counties BE have a growing concern about the future of the Masters Inter County Championships. More and more counties are finding it difficult to field over 40 and 45 Teams and that doesn't bode well for the future. BE have introduced a new voluntary position of a BE Masters Development Office and each county has been asked to put forward a County Masters Development Officer to work together to encourage participations and share best practice. The aim is for these folks to work within their counties to grow the level of participation, especially in the younger age categories. This will be done in cooperation with other countries through the BE Development Officer.


This is a new initiative - if you are interested please contact your County Masters Development Officer or Co-ordinator for more information on how you can help, get involved or participate.

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